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Wooden wallet (wip)

For my mid-term project I've been working on a voronoi wooden wallet which can hold credit cards. It's rather delicate and I'm still working on ways to make it a bit stronger.

I am currently working on a brass top. Unfortunately the floor closed down before I had the chance to mill it, but I'll be writing a more extensive post on this for the summer.

In the mean time, here are some pictures:

Wallet context shot
Wallet closed
Case open
Top view wooden cases
Wooden wallet with card inside
Wooden wallet with card inside
Case with card
Different inlays and failed piecce
Brass, and the tube it came in

Silhouette Cameo 4

I've been messing around with the Cameo 4. I did some vinyl cutting (basically I cut my own logo on placed it on some generic stuff that I often lose, such as power adapters). Might not be that useful now, but I'm sure I will thank myself one day once we're released in the wild world again.

A sticker on my power adapter and my anker hub

The Silhouette software is pretty bad and annoying. I've been looking for some alternatives, including a Silhouette plugin for Illustrator. However, the price tag of $40 might not really be worth it.

I was looking for ways to see if I can directly connect with the Cameo, by using their API or something like that, but unfortunately nothing has been released. I did however find quite some resources on people hacking the Cameo through something called USB programming.

A German fablab collected this big list of raw commands which you can use to directly talk to the Cameo. I'm still figuring out a way to get this to work, and since this mostly covers the older Cameo's, I'm curious how much of these commands will still work.


To be honest, getting these quotes was a real pain. There are a ton of different file formats, and I have no idea which one to pick. I also exported these different file formats from Fusion360, and they all have go through some kind of cloud functionality (which takes a ton of time).

I didn't manage to get a quote from Xometry because I don't know about these file types. I'm still waiting for a quote from the eMachineShop. I did however manage to get an instant quote from 3D Hubs, which is super expensive.

Quote from Xometry
Quote from Xometry
My quote for 3D Hubs
My quote for 3D Hubs