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Pcomp [w4] - Learning skills

This week I spent most of my Pcomp time learning some practical skills. I spent more time learning how to solder than I actually wanted to. I also connected a potentiometer and a small microphone as an analog input and a servo motor as a PMW output.


Soldering is actually more difficult than I thought. I messed up a board pretty bad, and I had to desolder it, which was a big pain. Along the way I did learn some tricks. For instance once you’re able to remove the pinheads, there is still some solder inside the pins. You can use a solder sucker tool for this. The best way it worked for me is to heat up the solder on one side and put the sucker behind it.

Messing it up

Analog input, PMW output

Practicing with analog inputs and PMW/digital outputs. Nothing fancy.