Manufacturing Celebrity Homework

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Some notes on the reading.

Teen Titan, by Lizzie Widdicombe

A guy like Scooter Braun is considered more as a businessman, both a 'hustler' and a strategist, and less of a music coach.

My favorite part:

"Braun calls this kind of grassroots approach “authentic marketing”—a phrase, like “amicable divorce,” or “peacekeeper missile,” that sounds like an oxymoron."

Building upon someone else their credibility to launch their own stuff. In a way he is a marketing company. What I also find interesting is that he seems to be pivoting the branding of his 'prodigies' over time. Much like a startup. There is a different audience/customer over time.

Just as cunning is the entertainment marketing in the antebellum that is mentioned in Listening and Longing by Daniel Cavicchi. Similarly to Braun, P.T. Barnum is also building credibility on top of others. I think similar to Braun he is both a hustler and a strategist.

It’s actually interesting how similar these two are, despite the New Yorker article mentioning that the industry is changing. I think it’s mostly the channels that are changing (like you won’t make money off selling records), but the strategy remains very similar.


## Homework second week

This week has just been absolutely nuts and I partially managed to get the homework done.

I couldn't make a second Instagram account (I kept on running into some technical issues), but gonna upload these pictures tomorrow once I have time.